About Us

Who We Are

Livestock247.com is an online livestock market and listing platform bringing together;

  • placeholder+image Buyers
  • placeholder+image sellers
  • placeholder+image Ranchers
  • placeholder+image Merchants
    & Traders
  • placeholder+image Veterinary & Professinals
  • placeholder+image Haulage & Logistics Company
  • placeholder+image Financial Service Providers


  • Ability to buy fit for slaughter and traceable livestock, and Livestock product.
  • Ability to sell Livestock by Merchants, Ranchers and feedlot operators etc.
  • Ability to buy Livestock from anywhere in Nigeria and get it delivered.
  • Ability to buy Livestock according to breed, weight, colour, age and sex
  • Ability to trace purchased livestock from "farm to plate"
  • Secure online payment
  • Fast and stress-free delivery
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Our Team

Our Management Team

The CEO with some team members of Technology, Quality Control, Digital Marketing Strategy, Logistic, Finance and Customer Support