The TLC list your Livestock needs

A livestock knows no face, culture, tribe or creed. The only thing they understand is feed, water, shelter and medication. Just like humans, our livestock also need some TLC (Tender, Love and Care) for their survival.

A lot of times we are carried away with the challenges that comes with breeding of our livestock and so we turn around blaming the livestock.

The truth is our livestock need us to survive and live healthy lives and the simplest ways to achieve that is by providing them with the basic requirements needed.

  1. Provide Shelter – Livestock cannot be left outside all the time as they can be vulnerable to cold and can get frozen teat. Providing a dry, clean and safe shelter for your livestock will keep them happier, more productive and relaxed.
  2. Provide Water – The right amount of clean water is crucial for your animal’s health. Water helps in regulating the body temperature of the livestock and also fills them up which requires less feeding and also helps to prevent risk of impaction or colic.
  3. Nutritious Feed – An important aspect of providing our livestock with TLC is the provision of nutritious feed and a proper supplement formulated balanced nutrition.

    One thing to note is that the lower the temperature, the more the livestock will consume more feed in order to maintain body heat.
  4. Medication – The TLC list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how important livestock need medication and vaccination against infection and parasitic infestation periodically.

Whether you are looking to start a livestock farm or you’re a lover of meat or perhaps just a concerned citizen remember that our livestock do not know tribe, culture or creed.

Show some love to them by giving them TLC.