Possible Impact of Coronavirus on Agriculture

With the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus ravaging through Wuhan in China and spreading rapidly through the continent one can only wonder about the adverse effect it will have on agriculture.

Research says that the current Coronavirus outbreak was traced back to wild animals sold at a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan and that the RNA in the virus may likely have origin associated with snakes or bats.

Coronaviruses are common viruses that cause different manifestations in different hosts. In humans, they often cause respiratory diseases and there are many other different coronaviruses seen in animals and now we’re seeing hundreds of cases if not thousands with strong evidence for high transmissibility, movement between people

While we continue to record more outbreaks in different countries and a continuous risk to the health of humans, there’s no denying the fact that this could have a major impact on agriculture as these viruses can be amplified in farm animals

As the concern for the virus keeps growing, Veterinarians around the world are concerned about how much this will affect the lives of animals and are hoping that everyone (those in human health, agriculture, animal scientist etc) will be able to come together to maintain good biosecurity to protect herds and flocks.