Online Clinic and Pharmacy Now Live

April is finally here… and a lot has happened already!

Online Clinic and Pharmacy Now Live

Are you getting tired of the covid – 19 and its every day news yet ?

We know you can’t wait for everything to end so you can go back to normal, trust us, we feel the same way too – hopefully, at the end of this endemic, we can reset 2020.

In the meantime, we at Livestock247 are not slowing down, work is still going on though remotely – we’re still in the business of providing livestock that are fit – for slaughter and traceable.

Our online clinic and pharmacy are now in full operation with our veterinary doctors who are fully ready to render tender, love and care (TLC) to your livestock.

Online Clinic and Pharmacy Now Live

We also have something exciting coming your way soon – this will be dropping directly on your tables so watch out.

Till then, remember that these are desperate times which require desperate measures –

so don’t forget to adhere to all the precautions given by the government, our lives and that of our loved ones might depend on it.

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