Importance of Water to Livestock

Importance of Water to livestock :-

As with everything pertaining to livestock, livestock water should meet the nutritional needs of the animal.

Adequate and safe water supply is essential for healthy animals.  

Water is an essential nutrient for humans and animals. Clear and freshwater for humans and animals is getting a challenge more and more, and water quality and quantity concerns are becoming more important across the world.

Water is required for the regulation of body temperature, as well as for growth, reproduction, lactation, digestion, metabolism, excretion, hydrolysis of nutrients, transport of nutrients and waste, joint lubrication plus many other functions.

The most important aspect of water as a nutrient is generally the quantity consumed.

How much water do animals need?

Water consumption varies widely, depending upon physiological and environmental conditions, for example, the type and size of the animal, if the feed contains much water (for example juicy grass), they need less to drink.

If they are active, they need more, and if they are lactating, they clearly need much more. Likewise, weather conditions will influence their need for water: heat, humidity and wind will all influence on the water need.

Water (and shelter) should be available at all times (except for camels, they can do with water every 5-8 days) and be clean and fresh.

Remember that young animals also need water! Even when they are milk-fed, it is not always fulfilling their needs for liquids, especially not if active and if it is warm or hot and dry, or maybe even windy. 

The normal range of water consumption for adult animals has been summarized as below:

Livestock type water consumption in litre /day

Camels every 5-8 days as much as they can drink (up to 100 liter or one third of body weight) daily about 15-30 litres
Beef cattle 35-60 per head
Dairy cattle 30-80 per head
Horses 24-36 per head
Donkeys/mules Twice a day as much as they can drink (10-25)
Pigs15-25 per head
Sheep and goats5-20 per head 

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