For the love of all farm animals

For the love of all farm animals:

Our passion and dedication to quality care of our animals start young. Many of our farmers grew up on farms or have worked closely with animals their entire lives.

That’s why at livestock247 we are being mindful and proactive when it comes to animal comfort, health, and the overall quality of life for our animals and for us, it is more than just a job – it’s part of who we are. 

Our commitment to animal care is also the reason why our farmers have taken the lead in following the animal care standards (OIE) here in Nigeria for the livestock industry.

We’ve formed lasting relationships with industry experts, veterinarians, research experts, animal nutritionists in order to provide animals that are traceable, fit-for-slaughter and wholesome for our consumers. 

Livestock will generally thrive in low-stress environments so our farmers and partners put all their efforts towards making sure our livestock are well taken care of.

That commitment extends beyond the feeding of our livestock with hay, roughage and concentrates, good housing for shelter, or providing them with fresh feed, grown on the farm, that corresponds to their nutritional needs, working with veterinary doctors and animal production and health experts is one of the extra steps we take to tend to our herds for optimal health.

That’s why our customers love us because we provide healthy cattle for their consumption and businesses.

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