Become a Meat247 Sales Agent

Become a Meat247 Sales Agent:-

Good news!!! Our referral program is now live and here is all you need to know about it so you can start smiling to the  bank.

Become a Meat247 Sales Agent

Meat247 sales agent is a platform that enables individuals to earn extra money when a successful business transaction has taken place on the meat247 platform through the use of your discount code.
When you refer someone to Buy meat from meat247 you earn a 2% commission on any of the meat packages the customer has bought from when the transaction is successful.

Commision accumulated can be seen on the sales agent dashboard (… and payment is paid to you at the end of the month

Be your own Boss

Become a Meat247 Sales Agent
We are empowering and creating platforms for individuals to grow their own business and be financially independent. As our meat247 sales agent you can leverage on our brand image.
* You have the opportunity to earn passively.
** Have a greater control of your finances.

Make Money

Become a Meat247 Sales Agent

You make money by referring clients, individuals or organizations to buy meat from us.
Your efforts are well rewarded through our robust commission structure.
The more people use your discount code the more money you make.Make money round the clock by allowing your discount code to do the magic.

Your commission is settled into your bank account at the end of the month.

Be Part of Our New Movement

Become a Meat247 Sales Agent
Want to be part of this awesome movement, click HERE to register now. Kindly note that registration to be a meat247 sales agent will be closed on the 17/12/2020.
Call +234 (0)9079961680 or send an email to You can also chat us directly on whatsapp by clicking the button below.

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