A Year Committed To Serving You

A Year Committed to Serving You

Happy New Year!

We’re 13 days into the new year and know that a lot of us are putting finishing touches to our new year resolutions.

However, we would like to take some few minutes to say “Thank You” for being part of our 2020 even though we know without a doubt that it was a very difficult year across the world.

As a business, we exist only to serve you and we are grateful for your continuous patronage and support.

While last year presented us with all forms of challenges and restrictions, it was also a year where we had to think outside the box for innovative ideas and adapt as a business.

As we start this new year, we are committed to helping you access wholesome safe meat, buy traceable and fit-for slaughter livestock, create more opportunities for our sales agent, provide veterinary and animal care services to your livestock and so much more.

Most importantly, In 2021 we want to serve you better. Our online channels will always be available to you 24hours/ 7 days a week, our phone lines are eagerly waiting for your calls and messages and our team is tirelessly working everyday to take the stress of you by providing wholesome, traceable meat from a fit-for slaughter livestock accessible and available to you.

Once again, we wish you a prosperous new year full of amazing opportunities.

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