Goat Yoga: It’s Yoga … With Goats!

Goat yoga is one of those things that sound like a joke and even sometimes unheard off but definitely real and widely practiced in some parts of the world.

The first time I came across yoga goats was in an american movie and over the years it has gradually become a trend with many American celebrities giving it a go so much that the year 2018 was termed the year of the goats.

Yoga goat is a thing and while hundreds round the worlds are lining up for it, a lot of us in this part of the world are still enjoying them in our favorite delicacies and soups.

According to research, a couple of people who have tried it say although it was a little uncomfortable at first, the fun outweighed the discomfort.

So what exactly is goat yoga?

At it’s very essence, goat yoga is a way to amplify the health benefits of traditional yoga by introducing another form of therapy into the mix – pet therapy. 

The breeds commonly used are the Nigerian dwarf and pygmy goat.

Scientific studies have shown that interacting with friendly animals can help with many health issues; it can help reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, to name a few known benefits.

Here’s everything you need to know about yoga goat

Goat yoga’ originated on a farm in Oregon in 2016, and was the wonderful and accidental idea of farm owner Lainey Morse who found comfort in spending time with her goats 

1. They are therapeutic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, animal therapy has been said to help with physically lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, fostering connections for children with autism, and even diminishing overall physical pain.

Goats are said to be the ideal therapy animals as they don’t need to develop a special bond with a human before they start interacting with them, meaning that baby and adult goats will just come up to a stranger asking to be pet.

2. Relaxing companions

Morse describes the experience as a welcome break from one’s usual mindset, and a time for “disconnecting with day-to-day stress, sickness or depression and focusing on positive and happy vibes”.

3. What do the goats do while I’m doing yoga?

Be prepared to have goats snuggle beside you, nibble on your hair, climb on your back, poop near you, make cute sounds, and above all else, melt your heart. It’s really that simple.

4. Do the goats actually pee and poo during the yoga?

Yes, it happens. Get ready for some goat poo and pee to drop on you.

5. What do I wear and bring?

Standard yoga attire, a water bottle, yoga mat, and an open mind. It is important to note that goat yoga is often outside on a grassy field.

Although, there’s no telling when this trend will eventually make its way to Nigeria that’s why we are keeping you informed now incase it’s something you will like to try.

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