7 Keys to Successful Livestock Farming

7 Keys to Successful Livestock Farming:-

1. Pick A Specialty

This means deciding what you want to be known for in the livestock industry. For us at livestock247, we are known for Cow, Sheep and Goat and our specialty is in that aspect.

This step is a defining moment for you as a farmer as it is the time you decide whether you want to go into dairy or meat production as this will also determine the breeds of livestock you focus on.

Until you have decided the route you want to go, you should not add other any other specialty.

It is important to become an expert before venturing into unknown territories.

2. Build a Team

Build a team with people who understand the technical know – how of the business, people who are open to innovative ideas and will be ready to do the work required. When starting a livestock business, as the founder or CEO of the business you will be required to wear many hats as such its always important to bring like – minded people on board with you.

3. Do Not Rely on Others

While it is important to work within a team or with a group of people, it is also important that you do not seek to build unnecessary affinity with people or individuals that can put the business at risk.

A lot of time, when starting a livestock business, some farmers spend a lot of time looking for government sponsors or grants that can help in building their business, while this is good, it can also be a waste of time so its important to start with what you have.

If you can afford it, do your livestock farming business yourself and pay for it yourself. This will give you room for creativity and personal fulfillment and cut out the endless red tape.

4. Start Small

Start small with what you have and with where you are. It’s always good to dream big and even if for some reasons you have all the resources you need, its always best to start small before diving in, that way you can learn the ropes of the business gradually, manage losses and learn how to grow the business.

You can start with half a dozen animals and then expand after learning their feeding habits, their output, feed consumption and other related factors. As a beginner, experimenting with few animals first before going big is a mark of prudence.

5. Focus on Efficiency

Run your farm like you would run any other business. Focus on increasing productivity of the animals and reducing anything that does not contribute to the growth of the business.

Do not assume that the livestock farming business is immune to the principles of profit and loss.

6. Stay True to Your Identity

As your livestock farming business grows, you might be tempted to start cutting corners so as to meet the increasing demand for your products and also to maintain high margins, when this temptation begins to set in remember not to fall prey.

Keep in mind that the expansion of your business means that you did something so cutting corners will only mean you’re deviating from that thereby abandoning your original brand and acquiring a new identity.

Do not compromise your products for the big bucks.

7. Reward Your Team

The best way to keep your team happy, loyal, motivated and innovative is by rewarding their efforts. Offer handsome incentives such as commission packages to your team members and you will eventually reap higher returns.

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