5 ways with beef for the best Easter

5 ways with beef for the best Easter:-

Easter food traditions from sharing or gifting eggs to sharing Easter buns, have been a part of Easter celebrations for years.

Many Easter food traditions go back hundreds and thousands of years back, and while it may seem obvious why we eat some food… Here are some beef ideas that you can try out this Easter.

Pink peppercorn rib-eye with roasted onions

Nothing screams Easter lunch more than a rare rack of rib eye with roasted onions.

Grilled rib eye steak with chimichurri

Rib eye steak + chimichurri = delicious dinner for the family.

Roast beef with seeded mustard and bay leaf glaze

A new twist on the classic combination of roast beef and mustard that’ll go down a treat.


Asun is best eaten with other meals like Noodles, Rice or eaten alone and served with chilled drinks.

Fried Meat

This is best enjoyed as a snack or served with any meal of your choice.

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