7 Nutritional Advantages of the Stomach of a Ruminant Animal

7 Nutritional Advantages of the Stomach of a Ruminant Animal:-

There are lot of nutritional advantages when it comes to the stomach of a ruminant animal and here are 7 to take note of :-

  1. Rumen microbes are able to synthesize amino acids and proteins from ammonia.
  2. The stomach of ruminant animals confers a tremendous advantage in the utilization of low-quality feedstuff.
  3. All water-soluble vitamins and vitamin K can be synthesized by rumen microbes; thus ruminants have a dietary requirements for only vitamins A, D and E.
  4. Ruminants that are maintained on poor quality proteins can upgrade such proteins by fermentation to microbial protein.
  5. Ruminant stomach allows the utilization of fibrous seeds.
  6. Due to rumen fermentation that takes place in the stomach, it helps to provide the ruminant animals with energy and protein.
  7. The presence of cellulase in the rumen microbes secretion helps to break the chemical bonds linking glucose unit together in the cellulose molecule.

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