5 Benefits of the LivestockXpress card

5 benefits of the LivestockXpress Card:-

  1. Cashless transactions
  2. Price Intelligence
  3. Veterinary support of all livestock purchase
  4. Security
  5. Financial inclusion

Cashless Transactions :- Businesses or individuals can now make payments without the use of hard cash. During the purchase of livestock in the market, buyers can make payment using our livestockxpress card removing the need for cash.

With varying level of security & encryption involved in cashless transaction, payment is more secured and we can all agree that it’s always easier and safer to carry a livestockxpress card than carrying millions in cash.

When a livestock buyer gets to the market they don’t have to worry about process of counting money before a transaction is completed, with a livestockxpress card and our agents already stationed in the market, purchases and payments are finalized quickly and in a secured manner.

In conclusion, a cashless livestock society is one that is more convenient and more consumer focused.

Price Intelligence:– Individual businesses or corporate organizations who subscribe to the use of our livestockxpress card will have first hand information on the market-level pricing in the livestock market and how it affect their business, that way they know when it is best to visit the market for new purchases based on price.

Veterinary support of all livestock purchase:- All our livestockxpress subscribers have access to veterinary services from our team of doctors during the point of purchase.

Livestock bought in the livestock market with the use of our livestockxpress card are checked by our veterinary doctors to ensure that they’re fit-for slaughter, traceable and healthy.

Security:- When it comes to our money, we are continuously finding new ways to make safe and and secure transactions without having to worry about issues like robbery or any other form of insurgency.

With the livestockxpress card in partnership with Zenith bank, livestock buyers do not need to travel to the livestock market carrying huge amount of money thereby putting their lives in danger.

Livestock buyers with our livestockxpress card can travel to any livestock market and make safe and secure transactions with our agents designated in the market with the use of their cards.

Financial Inclusion:- With our livestockxpress we are able to provide individuals and businesses particularly those in the rural areas access to appropriate, affordable, flexible financial products and services.

Would you like to know more about the benefit of a livestockxpress card ? then send us an email to support@livestock247.com, we will be glad to put you through, but if you will like to register right away click here to register now.

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