Animal health is a crucial factor that every livestock farmer needs to pay attention to, due to the financial impact, that poor animal health can have. Poor animal health can impact the environment, and human health on a larger scale, which is why HOINA was created.

Furthermore, our dependency on animals for food indirectly affects human health. Livestock farmers also need to ensure good animal health management to keep up the production of goods and food from these animals.

Understandably, poor animal health is directly related to why animal diseases ravage some of the world’s poorest communities and damage international trade.

Active prevention and control of disease grow economies, supports local communities. It also improves the animal health and health of vulnerable citizens, especially the young and elderly.

Have you been struggling with accessing quality health care for your animals? Are you tired of losing livestock to disease? We are delighted to tell you that, HOINA is here to relieve all your worries about your livestock!

First of all, HOINA is a service that takes care of all your livestock health, while you focus on your business. 

With HOINA, you have access to top-notch veterinary professionals to carry out routine checks on your animals, all year-round. 

Here’s why you should subscribe to HOINA

Subscribing to HOINA gives you access to: 

Weekly calls and monthly visitations by qualified veterinary professionals.

You also get access to cheaper and quality animal drugs and services.

In addition, professional veterinary doctors that provide free sensitizations on best farm practices.

Finally, access to an online medical record system for your livestock and many more. 

The most amazing part is that you can access this service with just 5000 naira, for the whole year! Amazing right?

At Livestock247, we prioritize providing affordable and premium services for you and your livestock round the clock.

With HOINA, you can concentrate on what you do best while our experts take care of your animal health.

To subscribe to HOINA, go to or Call/Whatsapp 08132802929 today!

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