5 Important Benefits Of Eating Meat From Vet-Certified Livestock

Eating meat from veterinary certified livestock is important and has a lot of benefits. In this article, you’ll discover five important benefits of eating healthy meat. 

1. It prevents the chances of contracting zoonotic diseases.

Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be passed from animals to humans through physical contact or by eating them as food. Eating meat from vet-certified livestock helps to prevent the risk of getting sick from eating contaminated meat. 

2. Wholesomeness of the livestock is guaranteed.

Livestock that is certified healthy by qualified veterinary professionals, is sure to be disease-free.

3. Vet-certified Livestock is traceable.

This means that the health history and source of the animal can be traced. This way, sick or unfit animals are identified and set aside before going to the abattoir.

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4. Proper pre-slaughter practices are observed and improve meat quality.

This is to avoid stressing the animals before slaughter, thereby improving the quality of the meat.

5. Discolouration of slaughtered livestock is observed before the sale.

Any discolouration or infection that occurs after slaughter is easily identified and taken out of the meat supply.

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