Will all the livestock listed and traded on be alive?

YES. sells livestock alive.

How do I know all livestock traded or listed on are fit-for-slaughter?

All livestock listed, purchased or delivered via are carefully sourced by our team of experts and adjudged to be FIT FOR SLAUGHTER by certified veterinary professionals

Who is qualified to be a Agent?

A agent MUST be a qualified veterinary professional certified by the Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) or the Nigeria Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)

What is the role of the agent?

The agent ordinarily has an existing relationship with a livestock producer, rancher or merchant.   And as such, he/she serves as the link between the platform and the livestock owner by ensuring pre-slaughter evaluation as established by the quality assurance department of

As a livestock owner, merchant or rancher, do I need to pay the agent to list my livestock on

No, agents are not paid by livestock owners for listing on the platform.

As a livestock owner, merchant or rancher, must I go through an agent for my livestock to be listed on

No.  You can get your livestock listed on by visiting any of our depots at various cities in Nigeria or simply go to and our team of veterinary experts will get in touch with you.  For more details, call 0906-290-3550

How do I pay for livestock purchased on

You can pay online by confirming your invoice through a secure payment gateway by our partner bank.  You can also pay by printing your invoice and walk into any branch of our partner bank.  For more details call 0906-290-3550

How do I know that after payment my order will be delivered? is in partnership with a reputable commercial bank in Nigeria, and all payments made are secured and could be traced and accounted for.  We deliver on all orders made and paid for.

What is the minimum and maximum number I can buy on

The minimum is 1 unit and there is no maximum.

How do I know what I buy on is exactly what will be delivered to me? uses an animal identification and management technology powered by MTN Nigeria.  The moment a purchase order is raised and paid, you will be communicated with a unique identification number of your purchased livestock.

On delivery, our logistics team MUST verify the Animal ID number with the one earlier sent to you.  You are also advised to verify the weight range purchased with the livestock delivered.

What is your mode of delivery? has two modes of delivery.

1)  We deliver to your address of choice or

2)  You pick your purchased livestock at our depot nearest to you.

How long does it take for my purchased livestock to be delivered?

You have the option of choosing the date of delivery while making your purchase order on

Do you have minimum delivery period?

Yes, cannot deliver in less than 48hours after payment.

What are the delivery period options? delivers in 48hrs, 1 week and 2 weeks.

Does my delivery period have any impact on the cost of livestock purchased?

Yes.  The longer the delivery duration, the cheaper the final cost of livestock purchased.

Does have all livestock?

No. currently list Cattle, Sheep and Goats

How do I purchase livestock on

GO to

Click on `BUY`

Fill the form provided and submit

An SMS and Email containing  your username and password will be sent to the GSM number/Email address provided

Click on the link provided via Email / SMS

Enter your username and password (change your  password after you login)

Once your account is created, you can start purchasing livestock

For more details, call our customers support line 0906-290-3550

I don’t know how to slaughter a cow, ram or goat. Can I buy from and get it delivered to me slaughtered and processed?

Yes. has registered butcheries/Abattoirs certified as hygienic by our veterinary experts. You can buy and select one closest to you or ask our team to recommend one for you.

I have a butchery/Abattoir and want to partner with How do I go about doing it? Do I need to pay? And what are the conditions?

Just go to , fill the form, submit and our team will get in touch. No payment is required and our team of veterinary experts will explain the requirements upon physical verification of your facility.

How do I sell livestock on ?

Go to

Click on `SELL`

Fill the form provided and submit

Our team of experts will get in touch with you

For more details, call our customers support line 0906-290-3550

How do I become a agent?

Go to

Click on `BE AN AGENT`

Fill the form provided and submit

Our team of experts will get in touch with you

For more details, call our customers support line 0906-290-3550