How Livestock247 is improving the Livestock Sector

Livestock247 is undeniably changing the way we do livestock farming in Nigeria thereby adding to the improvement of agro-investment in the country. With the continuous influx of more businesses coming online and more apps being created to make the lives of humans easier, so as livestock247 made the purchase of livestock easier to buy from the comfort of wherever you are and this is made possible by bringing technology and agriculture together.

This is an appreciated improvement as a lot of people have often considered the whole process a very tedious one not just when it comes to farming but also when it comes to agro investment.

Listed below are the following areas, livestock247 is contributing immensely to livestock farming in Nigeria

1. Convenience
This is one of the best things to happen in livestock agriculture, the ability to purchase livestock from the comfort of wherever you are. This we have been able to achieve because we know that the importance of convenience in a business cannot be overemphasized.

With the advent of our online market, Livestock247 has changed the way consumers buy their livestock thereby saving them the stress.

2. Connectivity
Livestock247 has been able to connect livestock farmers to their buyers. This we have been able to do by creating an online platform where livestock farmers can bring their livestock for buyers to buy.

3. Traceability
Another way Livestock247 is breaking grounds is in the provision of traceable animals. All livestock reared, fattened or bought from us come with a unique chip number, this has given us the opportunity to be able to trace our livestock, their history and so much more.

Traceability to us at livestock247 also means the provision of fit-for-slaughter livestock. This very act has helped us to build confidence in the minds of our customers as they are assured of the quality.

4. Animal Disease Surveillance
Livestock247 uses and in –house developed animal identification system. This helps is animal disease surveillance and epidemiology

5. Agricultural Training
Whether one identifies as a Livestock or Crop farmer, one thing that is pertinent is the constant need to upgrade in knowledge for one to succeed and for this to happen farmers must be exposed to the latest happenings in the agriculture industry.

Luckily, startups such as Livestock247 has partnered with companies in making it a priority to train farmers on everything livestock and the right kind of nutrition and medications to use, this will further help in the development of agriculture in Nigeria.

The feedlot projects that livestock247organizes is it empower livestock producers particularly women by providing them with the resources needed to succeed.

7. Promotion of peaceful co-existence between Herders and Farmers

Livestock247 feedlot project also envisioned to mitigate the incessant herder- farmer conflict over resources like pasture and water. This initiative will help herders to be sedentary by providing them with the needed resources like feed which is gotten from the farmers, medication and water.

In conclusion, peaceful co-existence leads to more livestock production and more production leads to prosperity for both farmers and herders.