How to Become a Successful Goat Farmer

Goat farming is one of the most profitable and rewarding livestock businesses simply because they are easy to raise. Before starting a goat farming business there are a couple of things to learn so as to help grow into a successful goat farmer.

Starting a Goat Farming Business
For establishing a successful goat farming business, there are basics you must consider which include but not limited to the following:

Land requirement: Goats can be reared intensively on small acreage by using supplemental feed. If using an extensive system, 2 to 10 goats per acre is a rough guide depending on the supply of grass and brush. Goats are top-down grazers and will select from weeds, leaves, and grasses to meet their own requirements.

Location: Common goats generally survive in warm areas that are well drained. Apart from temperature, space is necessary. Goats live in groups, so individual pens are not effective. A large field is needed if you want your animals to roam freely. Freely roaming goats usually have better resistance to sickness and infection.

Select Suitable Breeds
Before starting your goat farming business, decide which goat products you would want to produce, depending on your purpose, there are breeds that produce more milk while there are also those that grow quickly. You can decide to focus on breeds that will produce both milk and meat or perhaps just one of the products.

Buy a few Buck & Some Does
Always try to buy good quality, diseases free and healthy goats. High production is directly related to high quality and diseases free healthy goats. If possible, take help from an experienced producer by contacting us at livestock247.

Make a Pasture
It would be better if you can make a pasture for your goats. It will decrease the farm's food cost and keep your goats healthy.

Equipment’s and Infrastructure
You will be needing some equipment’s for your goats on the farm so as to make the rearing process a very seamless one, like water pot, feeding basket, medicines, separate barns for both does and bucks, silage pit, etc. Before bringing your goat to your farm.

Provide Fresh Food
Always give your goat’s fresh and healthy food enriched with the necessary nutrients. Providing fresh food not only increases your production but also keeps the goats healthy, productive and diseases free.

Access to a veterinarian
Is another important thing to consider. This will help you in disease control and management so to avoid losses. A Veterinarian can also help you diagnose diseases or recommend vitamins and supplements to keep your animals in good health especially during stressful situations such as weaning.

Other Essential Tips

  • Always feed them fresh and nutritious goat food.
  • Always keep the goat house clean and dry.
  • Clean the places where you milk your goat.
  • Maintain good relationships with other goat producers and veterinarian doctor.
  • Always take extra care of your buck.
  • Never use one buck for breeding all your does.