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Vet product for Cattle growth:

It involves all Veterinary drugs,feed and other supplements that will boost the growth of both diary and beef cattle.

Some of these drugs are (anthelmintic Antibiotic,antiprotozoan,Vitamins, Vaccine and other growth promoting)

Commercial prepare feed containing all the standard formulation for high milk or weight gain.

Supplements containing Multivitamin and enzymes for effective digestion and ratio conversation.

Note:Vet product for Cattle growth are: Biologicals, pharmaceuticals, Supplements and Additives.
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These are otherwise called growth promoters.

Growth promoters are substances that are added to feeds as supplement or injection to improve feed utilization and the growth of farm animals.

Example include; Probiotics, Prebiotics, antibiotics,symbiotics ,anabolic steroids, vitamins, minerals,oils, enzymes, e.t.c
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