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Yes, the current outbreak of COVID-19 can affect food supply especially in countries with high level of food insecurities and depend on imports for their food need.

However, this also depends on how long the outbreak last which we're not praying for its delay,economic downtown is to be expected at global level and that is likely going to affect food supply.

Just like the popular saying "Health Is Wealth" in a situation where people are indisposed sequel to the devastating outbreak, farming activities will certainly not be feasible.

Closure of country borders and banning of international travels as measures to curtail the current outbreak  would definitely have a direct  impact on food supply.

We have witnessed a typical case scenario as some of our company's agents were reported to have said that some of the cattle markets were shutdown as one of the measures to support social distancing, coupled with placement of curfew in some states e.g Niger state, now all these would in turn discourage cattle owners from traveling down to the cattle markets there by resulting to shortage of meat supply ( Meat is also considered as food)

I hope this answers your question.
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