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Please any prescription for CCPP symptoms for a RAM above 50kg?

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Tylosin injection is the best drug of choice

Tylosin Inj. @8.8mg/kg I.M q 12hr for 5 days.

For more information, contact us @livestock247.com

Thank you.
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Thank you doctor. I have the stylish injection at hand. God bless your hand work sir
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Noted Doc, I assumed that the questioner is  a Vet that's why.

Also he said CCPP not CBPP
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Permit me to suggest that you should visit our online clinic for a holistic diagnosis and treatment in cases like this. Self medication may be effective for awhile until something goes wrong.
Please call 0906 290 3550 for proper guidance.
Hope it helps
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Thank you, God bless your handwork. I will be doing that soon. I hope your clinic is within LAGOS
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Yes, it's in Lagos and across the country because it is an ambulatory veterinary service.

You can start from here at the comfort of your home: https://livestock247.com/clinic

We are here to do more than serve you but to satisfy you.

Let me have your reaction after going through the link above please. For enquiry and clarifications, please call 0906 290 3550
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Thanks Doc. I have checked well. I will put a call through soon to know cost. Thank you
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