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I am a sheep and cattle farming, I am concerned about my animals feeds which I think is one area that I am lacking and I will need help regarding silage against dry season. I want to know if this is one of the area you help people and what will it takes?
Your response will be appreciated.

Note; my farm is base in Ibadan, oyo state

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Yes, Livestock247 has Animal nutritionists who can help with that. However, silage making or processing requires quite a number of facility especially when you would be processing a lot since you'll be needing it for the whole dry season. Availability of the particular plant you want to make into sillage is another part to take note of and most importantly, the size of your farm which will determine the quantity of silage to make for the whole season including enough space to store them within the right temperature and humidity.
There are other ways to make silage that doesn't require too many facilities though, but the availability of the plant and appropriate storage space is very important.
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