Looking to start a cattle Farm? Here are some things to check off your list.

Looking to start a cattle farm

If you’re thinking about starting a cattle farm then there are a couple of things to consider. Whether you’re considering starting a cattle farm for personal use or for business purposes, cattle farming is considered one of the most profitable animal farming business.

With every business comes its own share of challenges, so it’s always best to start with a minimum number of animals and expand gradually while also arming yourself with the needed arsenals such as having knowledge about the animals, extensive research on the market, cost analysis, etc.

Starting a Cattle Farm?

starting a cattle farm

Have a business plan – Having a business plan before embarking on your own cattle farm helps you to plan to for all your expenses and costs that you will incur during farming. It is also a good idea to make room for other expenses that may occur but that are not in the budget, this type of funds can be termed emergency funds.

Farm Location:- Just as with any other business, your farm location is also very important in terms of accessibility to customers, good roads for transportation of the animals and nearness to the market.

Determine the purpose of your cattle farm: - At this point, you should have decided whether you want to raise your cattle either for beef production, dairy production or perhaps to keep you busy on the side. Whichever, one you decide based on their type of production, keep in mind that raising dairy cattle’s are more time consuming and costly and also involves the use of more equipment.

Equipment and Machinery: - Depending on how large you want your farm to be or how large it already is that will determine the type of equipment or manpower you will need. Fencing (Wire fence, Stonewall fences, Electric fences), Field gates, Loafing yard, Sickbay, Milking parlor, Feedlots, Cattle crushes, Watering facilities are some of the structures that will need to be in place on the farm depending on the size.

Breed: - As much as you would like to go for exotic breeds, it’s always best to go for the breeds that are peculiar to your country or region, this will help to know how to manage them in cases when they fall ill, animals too will be able to acclimatize faster in their environment than when they are brought from another region to a new place. Also, in choosing breeds, choose breeds that perform well in the cattle farm (beef & dairy) production you will like to go into.

Buy your Cattle: - It’s always best to buy your cattle from a trusted farmer who has the full history of the animal in terms of diseases, vaccinations, medications, animal id or from the nearest livestock market closest to you. In any case, you can always get in touch with us at livestock247 to guide you through the process.

Feed: - Ensure you feed your animal quality types of feed whether it’s in the form of forages or concentrates. However, keep in mind that feeding takes up a whole bunch in farming.

Proper care: - always try to take good care of your animals by providing them with the needed vaccinations. In cases, where you cannot apply these vaccinations employ the use of a veterinary doctor that will help in the administering of the medications.

Finally, keep records of all your farm operations such as finances, calving dates, breeding, vaccinations, purchases, sales, assets, and liabilities because all of these records are important they let you know how well your farm is doing.

Don’t forget to let us know when you start your cattle farm and how helpful this information was to you. Best of luck!