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With our mission to mainstream the livestock sector, we have built a platform that is an Ecosystem where significant actors within the livestock value chain can co-exist and synergise to bring value to the sector as a whole.


We provide qualitative primary health care to livestock in rural communities. With our team of over 50 Veterinary Doctors in these communities, we are strategically positioned to deliver benefits to the entire community, bringing knowledge to residents through our daily enlightenment and sensitization campaign, including livestock best management practices, financial literacy, micro-entrepreneurship and many more.


Understanding the role of technology, we use it as leverage to deliver and drive our mission of mainstreaming the livestock sector while preventing the spread of zoonosis and improving public health. Embedded in our platform are our online clinic and pharmacy, Livestalk dashboard, AIMs and the online livestock market systems

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Meat247 is Livestock247's meat processing division, which provides premium high grade meat at a competitive price to a wide range of customers in a number of industries.

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The Hoina Project is a Livestock247-powered initiative that will be implemented in rural livestock communities in Northern Nigeria

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Animal Identification and Management System (AIMS) is a system that aids in the tracking and management of animals such as livestock or pets in a more effective and organized manner.

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Livestock Express is a Fintech solution aimed to; promote cashless transactions within livestock communities..

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Our online live talk to educate and promote the business of livestock sector through technology

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Our goal at Livestock247 is to improve the efficiency of livestock production in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, particularly productivity per animal through our animal identification process, as well as mitigating the spread of zoonotic diseases through sensitization and awareness of diseases dangerous to both humans and animals, in order to double livestock productivity while halving its negative environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, we aim to establish an environment in which all major stakeholders in the livestock value chain may coexist and produce synergy. Livestock247 is also encouraging agricultural change by empowering rural livestock farmers, particularly women.

Our VISION is to leverage technology to mainstream Africa's livestock business. We aim to achieve our objective by creating goods that include the following features:

  • Capability to buy and sell slaughter-ready and traceable animals from anywhere.
  • Capability to purchase and have delivered healthy and hygienically prepared meat from anyplace.
  • Capability to provide high-quality animal health services to rural livestock owners.
  • Capability to hold qualitative discussions with veterinary doctors, animal production experts, and enthusiasts via online conferences and forums

The livestock discussion has been on how to boost productivity while being environmentally responsible. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has given the discussion a new and larger dimension. It has switched the conversation's focus from supporting sustainable production in general to boosting the sector's contribution to the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Livestock247 is promoting the transformation of Agriculture by empowering Rural Livestock Farmers.


As stakeholders in the Livestock sector, our aim is to create an ecosystem where all major stakeholders in the livestock value chain can co-exist together to create a synergy. Through this synergy, we are on the road to agricultural transformations.


We want to help farmers make more money by increasing the sustainability of their operations, professionalising their enterprises, and encouraging environmentally friendly agricultural practises. The more we can provide smallholders with the tools, assistance, and opportunity to play an active role in the protection of our planet, the better off everyone will be.


We believe that Improved decision-making by policy makers will lead to the transformation of the livestock sector. To facilitate such an improvement we are strategically positioned to advocate for the smallholder farmers.

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