We at Livestock247, our main focus is to promote Traceable Livestock for Fresh, Healthy MEAT.
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We will provide the best meat part and special cuts of meat delivered to your door at the best prices. From traditional dish cuts,to carcasses and even special cuts (like flank, plate, sirloin, steak(fillet) and brisket). We are here to give you quality for your money.

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Toward the promote of livestock traceability, we at Livetsock247, we are commited to the process of promoting healthy fresh meat from farm to plate in Nigeria with the use of product barcode.


In our meat processing slab we require 48 hours pre-order, in order to process your meat fresh and also to be able to meet up your order request either for meat pack or bulk order/deliveries.


During our slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution we ensure proper hygiene for our meat pack product and also for our bulk order.