When we launched (Nigeria’s 1st Online Livestock Platform) in 2018, we knew that technology had a role to play in solving the many challenges in the ecosystem.

In case you don’t know, livestock trading is a multi-billion Naira business taking place on weekly basis in various locations in Nigeria (Mostly in the northern part). Rural livestock farmers and traders normally take their livestock to local markets to sell, and they always prefer cash for many reasons.

With the upsurge in criminal activities in northern Nigeria, these livestock markets became soft spots for insurgents, rural bandits, and kidnappers.

We saw a problem that needed an innovative technological solution.

So why are we so excited?

With LivestockXpress, rural livestock buyers and sellers do not have to carry cash to any livestock market.

We are bringing banking services to them.

All that is needed is a specially developed credit/debit card.

We have specially configured POS terminals, designed to work off-grid, at rural markets.

Smallholder rural livestock farmers can open bank accounts, deposit, transfer, and withdraw money.

Livestock merchants can send money to any livestock market from anywhere, at any time, and get/receive value instantly.

Product Description

Are you a livestock merchant?

Do you buy or sell livestock at rural livestock markets?

Do you want to have cashless transactions at livestock markets?

LivestockXpress is tailor-made for you.

LivestockXpress is a subscription ONLY service available to all.

Carry a LivestockXpress Card to any livestock market with a LivestockXpress Agent and have a cashless business transaction.

You can access this service through subscribing and carrying the LivestockXpress branded Zenith Bank Plc cards, available in the following options;

Bronze Card: You can transact up to N1 Million a day at any livestock market where LivestockXpress is available.
Silver Card: You can transact up to N6 Million a day at any livestock market where LivestockXpress is available.
Gold Card: You can transact up to N18 Million a day at any livestock market where LivestockXpress is available.

Subscribing to any of the above options could be done online (Here), or at various LivestockXpress Agent locations in all major livestock markets in Nigeria. click here to see our location

Select the subscription option that best suits you, fill-up the form, and pick up your LivestockXpress Branded Zenith Bank Plc card at any Zenith Bank branch of your choice.

It is simple and easy.
For more details, call 0906-290-3550 or send us a Whatsapp 0906-290-3550

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